Heather Bentz - Premiere Tucson Exhibition

​​March 2nd 6pm-9pm
MicroGallery at Sand-Reckoner Tasting Room

510 N 7th Ave #170, Tucson, AZ 85705
(parking/entrance on 6th St) 
Open: Wed- Sun • 1 pm - 8 pm



My art reflects how I process the world around me—organizing and layering its frenetic bits and color to create surfaces that have history or evoke emotion. Process is at the heart of what I do. Whether it’s slow painting or fast decision-making work, I enjoy working with my hands and materials to explore what inspires me. The content of my imagery comes from observation of nature and man-made forms. My work is abstract and embedded with glimpses taken from reality which gives the viewer hints of familiarity.

Heather Bentz  2019

Artist Spotlight - Heather Bentz

​Conrad Wilde Gallery • 101 W. 6th St. #121 • Tucson AZ 85701 • 520-622-8997 

​​​Conrad Wilde Gallery